October Coronavirus Update

Greetings Families and Friends, 

 As we move swiftly into autumn, we take a moment to witness the changing of the colors, the leaves shedding from the trees, and the air crisping up to prepare for the winter ahead. Moving into the next 6 months, we would like to take time here to reflect on where we’ve been and how we’ve continued to find strength, peace, love, and connection in the midst of a pandemic.

 We recognize the heartbreak, the frustration, the isolation, and the challenges that came with online services. Yet, we persevered. We’ve seen the tears and pleas of, “When do I get to come back and see my friends?” Yet, we persevered. We walked through the loss of our dear sweet Ginny—not able to gather together in person to grieve, to hug, to support, and to remember. Yet, we persevered.

 Our nation’s new motto is, “We are Stronger Together.” Here at Cindy and Vic’s our motto has always been, “Peace and Love” and “Family First.”

 We have, and will continue to persevere because we hold such strong values and have always trusted in one another to uphold them. We do so because every single one of our service participants can tell each other that we BELIEVE in “Peace and Love,” and because every one of our DSPs know and have witnessed our commitment to “Family First.” In our perseverance, we stand firm with our nation, living the belief that “We are Stronger Together.”

 We give thanks to sit in the seat of Gratitude for our Families, Friends, Care Coordinators, Support People, and—most of all—for our DSPs and their continued commitment, dedication, flexibility, and willingness to stretch and learn.

 Over the next few weeks we will begin phasing into our Responsible Reopening. We will slowly and methodically begin small group face-to-face activities. All of our families and participants will receive documents outlining the steps involved in this process and the details of how this will continue to unfold.

 We anticipate the next 6 months will ebb and flow from a variety of services, including online services, one on one services, and small group gatherings.

 No matter the hurdles, perceived road blocks, or challenges that come our way, we will continue to trust that “Peace and love will always prevail and when we put family first, we KNOW we are indeed stronger together and we WILL persevere.”

In Gratitude, Peace & Love,