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From Parents

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Our son loves "hanging out" with all his friends at Cindy and Vic's and we appreciate the positive and respectful atmosphere and inclusive philosophy of the program. We're happy to be part of the Cindy and Vic's family!
-Cheri Scott, Parent  

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I love Cindy and Vic's... But more importantly my daughter Melanie loves them.  She enjoys loving friendships, is surrounded by the most amazing staff who are professionally trained and yet serve through their hearts and passion.  We have been blessed exponentially and cannot say enough about this amazing agency.  May your ripples of love keep extending out to the Universe and beyond! 
-Debra Dailey, Parent

​We were so touched by the following testimonial from Kathy Chastain, who wrote to us after coming to our Jingle Bell Jam party in December of 2017. Kathy agreed to share her words with those seeking to learn more about what makes us who we are.  Thank you, Kathy!

​"I am filled with gratitude for being blessed with the opportunity to practice in my profession. It is so rewarding for me to feel that I am in service to others. However, I am brought to tears thinking about what y'all do. I was in the presence of God this evening. The room, filled with humankind who have some challenges but are met where they are with love and respect and given the support to thrive to the best of their abilities and have a quality of life not probable without a program such as yours, touches me at soul level. You are a blessing to this earth as what you do reaches well beyond each person you serve. I feel certain that each client feels very special as a result of what appears to be a transcending love. So touched to dance with the woman with dark hair, glasses, in the long beige dress with high top tennis shoes who didn't/couldn't talk. I reached out to her and was going to hold her hands to dance. She took her hand and wrapped her arm around my back and I followed suit and she led me around the floor in a beautiful promenade. One dance I will not likely forget. So many heartfelt blessings to you and Vic."

From our Participants

I am happy to come to Cindy and Vic’s to see all my friends. I love to go out and have fun. I learn about eating healthy and getting workouts every week.

I like hanging out with my friends. I learn about how to be safe in the community and how to be respectful to myself and my friends.

I like to go out in the community with my friends. I like to go hiking and having lunch in the park with my friends. I learn how to make good choices.

I like the birthday parties and listening to music. I learn kindness. I learn how to be safe like making safety phone calls.

Family Survey Feedback

  • Connect with each individual to enable them to have a rich and enjoyable life.
  • Focus on individual needs, desires, and provide the highest quality of training and recruiting the highest caliber of staff.  Your employees also are happy to be around and are upbeat.
  • You are all awesome!  Thanks for everything you do and provide!  

  • C&V's program makes everyone feel like they are contributing equals within the program and the community.
  • You do an amazing job, I simply don't know how you continue to raise your caliber of services each year!  Keep it up!  
  • A wide range of community based experiences based on what my son is interested in doing with his friends.

  • We love this program and feel it is the best in our community.  
  • Provide healthy, safe activities for the people they support.  They continue to foster communication and relationships in the community and between the individuals they provide services for.  
  • Recruit, train, and retain outstanding staff!  

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