Careers with Cindy & Vic's R&R Inc.

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At Cindy & Vic’s we rely on our community network to find the most amazing, caring, and fun staff imaginable.

We want future employees to know that you don’t necessarily need previous experience working in the field to be successful in the job.

 Below are some of the qualities that we look for when hiring new staff

Qualities of Employees Who Are Most Successful:

·       Dependable: Arrive on time, maintain excellent work attendance, and complete   paperwork and required trainings promptly.

·       Person-Centered: individualize care and honor and respect unique strengths and   needs of each person.

·       Welcoming/Inclusive/Respectful: Honor uniqueness of participants, residents,   employees, families, and community members. Creating an environment of               respect, care, and willingness to find common ground.

·       Team Player: Collaborate effectively with co-workers, participants, family, and   community members in a positive and productive manner.

·       Humor and Flexibility: enjoy interacting with people, find humor and joy,  and             adapt with changing situations.

·       Curious, Caring, and Creative: care about people’s unique strengths and needs.   Use creative thinking to keep people engaged, learning, and having fun.

·       Willingness to Learn and Grow: Stay up to date on required trainings and             embrace mentoring and feedback to enhance skills and effectiveness.

·       Problem Solving/Thinking on Your Feet: Adapt and think critically to respond   effectively to changing needs or emergent situations.

·       Community Engagement: Explore and share community experiences to enrich   the lives of our participants through various activities and events.

·       Willing to Provide Hands-On Support for Activities of Daily Living: Assist              participants with prompting and direct care in various aspects of daily living (this   could include care in the restroom, showering, toothbrushing, food preparation,              etc.).

·       Attentive/Calm: Notice participants subtle cues and be able to redirect, respond,   and de-escalate as needed.

·       Computer/Writing Proficiency: Write daily case notes with clear descriptions of   prompts, actions, and reinforcements using objective language in our HIPAA             compliant web-based platform.

·       Stamina and Strength: engage in physical activities that support well-being,             support participants who may Engage in physical activities supporting well-                  being and assist participants with mobility when needed, including lifting up to              50 lbs.