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Cindy Hensley (She/Her)

Inspired, Passionate, Grateful, Blessed, Awed, Uplifted, Joyful, and Filled with Love…This is how I feel when I walk into 'work!' It’s the same way I felt in 1999 when Vicki & I followed a 'nudge' to open an Agency where people come together to learn, laugh, create, grow, and have FUN together. Friendships were born, and today they continue to grow and flourish. 

I am continually learning from the people we get to provide services for. Their unconditional love for life and each other inspires me to be a better teacher, leader, and human being. Add to that the most talented, dedicated, unique, humble, and passionate Direct Support Professionals and Administrative Team…and you’ve just created the Perfect Brew. Drink it in daily and it will promise to heal all that ails!  

As for me, I love yoga, walking in nature, playing with our dog Max, and spending time with my family.  I’m blessed with two beautiful homes in the most amazing places on earth, Alaska, and Hawaii. I share my life with my wife Pat, who supports and inspires me to follow my passions daily. I’m a Spiritual Practitioner with the Alaska Center for Spiritual Living and the Prayer Chaplain Director at Unity Church of Hawaii. I begin each day with prayer and meditation as it helps keep me present to the Presence of my Higher Power and PRESENT in the Now moment throughout my workday.

I’m grateful for the amazing Life I get to live, the people who support and love me, and for ALL people who shine their Love Light out into the world and make it a better place to live! Peace & Love to us all! 

Vicki Rae Moe

I’ve been very fortunate to be part owner of a company that provides various services for people with different abilities while offering gratifying employment opportunities for people that support them in Alaska.

My position has many diverse duties. Most of my responsibilities are financial management for Cindy and Vic’s. I miss the direct care I used to do years ago.  

When we first opened in 1999 Cindy and I were kept busy with a variety of fun activities and it continues today with our wonderful staff. Thankfully I do see our participants and residents at gatherings and parties in our homes and at the office. 

I have lived in Anchorage for over 50 years and I love this beautiful place! Outside of the office, I enjoy going outdoors for walks, playing tennis, pickleball and golf with my husband, Karl. 

I trust that the direction I have taken for over 20 years here at Cindy and Vic’s is a blessing and that gives me reason to smile every day!

Staff Tonyapng
Tonya Dipo

I was born in Anchorage, but spent most of my teenage years in Utah where I met my husband, Matt.  We were best friends throughout our school years and got married in 2003 after I attended college in Utah. 

In the summer of 2004, we moved to Alaska and I met Cindy and Vic through our previous work at the Anchorage School District ACT Program. I started working part time for Cindy and Vic’s back in April of 2006, and have been a full time employee since September of 2010. 

 Our agency is my forever home, and I couldn’t ask for a better place to work! I adore all of the participants and staff we work with!!  

Some of my favorite things are camping with my family, fishing with my husband, going on vacation, and spending time with our beautiful daughter! Matt and I welcomed Cambria in January of 2015 and we are so in love with our little girl!

Allison Staffpng
Allison Wilson (She/Her)

I started working at Cindy & Vic’s in 2012 after retiring from the Anchorage School District in 2011 where I had worked first as a special education teacher and for most of my career as a school counselor. Over the years with Cindy and Vic’s, I have been worked as a DSP in group day hab, at the assisted living homes, and later worked as a case manager and resident manager. In September 2021 I had the opportunity to become part of the administrative team at Cindy and Vic’s as the Training & Agency Support Coordinator. In this new position, I get to create and facilitate trainings for staff, put together continuing education resources, help support Renee with our assisted living homes, and assist the agency with special projects.  

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family; we are overjoyed to have a new granddaughter who was born in December of 2020! I love journaling, walking, traveling and doing expressive arts.  

What I love most about Cindy and Vic’s are the people…there’s a real feeling of caring, connection and fun. So many times I have thought to myself, “I can’t believe I get paid for doing what I love!”

Staff reneepng

Renee Alford

I moved to Anchorage in 1972, and started working for the Anchorage School District after graduating from West High in 1978. I started out as a substitute, and was then offered a full time Teaching Assistant position in 1984. I worked as a T.A. for 7 years, and then moved away for 4 years.   

When I moved back, I returned to the school district where I met Cindy and Vic. When they first opened their program, I worked on call. As the program grew, I worked the summer program and later was offered a full time position as a Residential Manager at Peace Place.

My work at Peace Place has been an awesome experience! I am currently the Community Living Supervisor, which has been both challenging and rewarding! My faith and my family are a very important part of my life.

Ana Staffpng
 Ana Gerber-Cavalier (She/Her)
I started working at Cindy & Vic's in December of 2014, and since then I have enjoyed getting to know this awesome crew while learning many different forms of Direct Support, from Day Habilitation to working in our group homes. As of 2020 I transitioned away from Direct Support and joined the administrative team, taking on the remote working role of Visual Media Manager. My day to day contribution includes online software administration, tech support, updating our website and managing our social media (check out the links in our "contact us" page!). 

Outside of work I love to explore outdoors in our great state of Alaska. I enjoy backpacking, hiking, packrafting and skiing year round. I'm extraordinarily grateful for the work community I've found here at Cindy & Vic's, for the flexibility this position has offered me to do the things I love, and for the incredible people I continue to meet along the way.


KJ Website Bio Photospng

Katey Johnson (She/Her)

I’ve worked with individuals with developmental disabilities for almost 26 years, since I got my first job at 17 years old with the ARC of Anchorage; since then, I’ve worked at Hope Community Resources, Turnagain Elementary School in the special education pre-school department, and Providence Hospital on the mental health unit. I met Cindy and Vic (and Renee and Tonya and Jerry!) when I came to the ACE/ACT Program. I begin working part-time at Cindy and Vic’s in September of 2011 as a DSP with the evening program and moved to the admin team a few years ago. I currently provide case management services to all of our individuals and I’m also the Systems Operations Manager.  

I was born and raised in Anchorage, AK, as were all three of my children; Miles (age 24, a former Cindy and Vic’s employee!), Bellamy and Milo. All of my kiddos have either graduated or are currently active in the Russian Immersion Program. I met my husband Nathan in 2004 in college, and we got married in November of 2015.  

I couldn’t ask for a better place to work than Cindy and Vic’s. In fact, they’re stuck with me, I’m never leaving! I’m grateful for each and every person that I’ve met by working here; participants, staff, family members, Care Coordinators, etc. I’ve learned so much from each and every one of them, and I look forward to many more years with the Cindy and Vic’s family!

LS Website Bio Photospng

Linda Steiner

I started working at Cindy and Vic’s in July of 2022 and was fortunate to get to be trained by the late, great, never-to-be-replaced Karen Wegrzyn. She still whispers in my ear on payroll weekends! (Okay…sometimes she yells!). When you see me, think of dollar signs and money as I am the Billing Specialist where I make sure programs and houses have petty cash, time sheets are complete so our employees can be paid, and billing Medicaid so our agency is reimbursed for the amazing services we provide.

I come with 30 years of experience in the hospitality/tourism field as Director of Sales for various hotels. I am also known for helping others with garage and home organization projects.

When not working, I have 2 major passions: spirituality and dogs. God spelled backward is DOG! I am a Licensed Spiritual Counselor and have training in Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care. My much-loved late dog Midnight inspired me to create a pet ministry where I support pet owners with blessings, celebrations, pet care, prayer, and help with end-of-life concerns. I can often be singing in the choir at the Alaska Center for Spiritual Living, guest speaking, teaching classes and serving.

One of my proudest moments in my life is the numerous times I helped Aliy Zirkle get her dog team to the start of the Iditarod. You might have guessed by now; dogs are a major theme and a life passion. One of the reasons I love to come to the Cindy and Vic’s center is how dog-friendly the place is. I bring treats and extra snuggles and provide extra walks for the dogs that come to the center! Cindy and Vic’s, R & R, Inc. is one of those amazing “unicorn” organizations where I can I share my strengths and passions and be my fun-loving, dog-loving self!





Resident Managers

Teri Staffjpg

Teri 'Poppins' Cunningham
Kincaid Cottage

If you ignore the first 6 months of my life I am a lifelong Alaskan. My father was raised in Ketchikan and spent a short time in Colorado, where I was born. I grew up in southeast Alaska, eventually moving to Anchorage where I’ve spent most of my life. I lived in Fairbanks for 5 years but that’s another story…

After a long career in printing and publishing life brought changes and Cindy and Vic’s was one of those. I worked in the day-hab Program and weekend relief while completing certification in Medical Assisting. 

When Cindy and Vic opened the 'Joyful Joint' house, I took on the role of Resident Manager and now live with 3 amazingly gifted young women. We cook together, work out, and generally laugh a lot. I enjoy helping both make healthy decisions and living and loving life.

Audra Staffjpg

Audra Lovejoy
Peace Place

I started working for the Cindy and Vic’s family in June of 2017! I was born in Colorado and raised in Alaska, where I lived in Hoonah, Cordova, and Anchorage where I met my husband, Rick. In 1988, we got married and moved to San Diego, and then to Oregon where we raised their 3 children. I worked for a local school district there, where I provided supports for students with a wide variety of needs as a Behavior Consultant.  

My connection to Cindy and Vic’s came about during my daughter’s wedding, where Anna Pieper was the photographer! After I heard about C&V from Anna, I applied for a job. The stars aligned, and we had an opening that was the perfect fit: Peace Place Resident Manager. I feel so incredibly blessed…The ladies at Peace Place are amazing and bring joy to my life daily.

Carly Staffjpg
Carly Neumuth
Harmony House

I have worked for Cindy and Vic's since September of 2012, when I started out as weekend relief in our Assisted Living Homes. In May of 2013, I became the Resident Manager at Harmony House.

I like spending time with the girls out in the community, making home cooked meals, and having dinner parties.  But, most of all, I like living and sharing a home with two wonderful young ladies.

 I ventured to Alaska from Wisconsin after graduating college in 2005 to complete a year term of AmeriCorps National Service. I then moved back to the lower 48 and completed another term in St. Louis. Through AmeriCorps, I traveled around assisting with natural disasters and conservation before returning to Alaska in 2008. I found the first love of my life, Layla, on Craigslist in 2009. We like going for walks, riding my Harley Davidson trike, spending time at home and coaching Special Olympics.


Annette Nelson
Blessings Bungalow

Hi! My favorite thing to do is to hangout with my grandson and rest of the family. I also like to hike, bike, swim and take long drives and take picture of nature.

I came Cindy and Vic's because I needed a job with insurance and knew they were an awesome company to work for.

I really enjoy work at Blessing Bungalow with my guys, they are the best. - Annette

Direct Support Professionals

Cindy P Staffjpg
Cindy Jo Powell
I started working at Cindy & Vic’s 4.24.14.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and at the tender age of 19 started a nearly 20 yr career as a hairstylist. The most exciting thing that happened to me was moving to Alaska in 1994. That is, until I met my husband in 1997.

My passions include our puppies, kayaking, hiking, softball, advocating for shelter dogs, and volunteering for The American Cancer Society.  My favorite thing about working at Cindy & Vic’s is having met the most amazing people, both staff and the individuals that are served by this agency.

Lanie Crittenden
I grew up in Philippines with 2 sisters and 4 brothers. In 2005 I got married to my wonderful husband who brought me here.

I love being outdoors with family and friends. Tara encouraged me to work at CindyandVics while we worked together at the coffee shop. She believes in me. Since then I love being part of the Cindy & Vic's world ~ Lanie

Ben Broylesjpg

Ben Broyles

I began working at Cindy and Vic’s in June of 2022 for summer employment. I attend college at the University of Miami in biomedical engineering/pre-med track. I have been involved as a Special Olympics volunteer for many years and was active in Partner’s Club when I was attending high school. I have worked as the co-director of Camp Shriver in 2021 and 2022. When not working, I enjoy playing piano and getting outside with my friends. 

What I enjoy most about Cindy and Vics is working with great staff, getting involved in the community, and helping others.

I hope to be back to work during college breaks and vacations!

Natalie Staffpng

Natalie Wilson

I was born and raised here in Anchorage. I was first introduced to Cindy and Vic’s by my mother, Allison Wilson, who was already employed with them.  She suspected I would really love this job, so she had me come and visit her at work and introduced me to some of the participants. She was right!  I fell in love. Shortly after my introduction to the Program, I began my work here in August of 2013. I am currently a student at UAA, getting a Health Sciences degree. I love American Sign Language! I am conversationally fluent and I absolutely love teaching sign to our participants. This job has been wonderful and challenges me daily. I learn so much from our participants and I find that there is never a dull moment!

Lea Satterthwaitjpg

Lea Satterthwaite

I started working at Cindy & Vics in April of 2022 first in the Assisted Living Homes and later in Group Day Hab. I enjoy working in both settings equally! I work with amazing people and enjoy helping our participants & residents to become more self-sufficient.  

Everyone here is extremely nice and pleasant. I love my job! Cindy and Vic’s is an extremely honest company; I like the way they run the business.  

I love dogs, but currently don’t have any of my own. I love that Cindy and Vic’s is such a dog-friendly community so I can love on the dogs around here! Dogs are one of my greatest passions, hobbies, and interests.

A favorite quote is: “She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.”

Kelly Day-LewisjpgKelly Day-Lewis

I became part of Cindy & Vic’s in 2018 as a DSP working in Group Day Hab. I love working with our people and having the flexibility to get out and involved in community adventures. What I appreciate about Cindy and Vic’s is the feeling of being a family. 

I grew up as a military dependent and have traveled all over the world, but Alaska is my HOME! I love to travel, volunteer with Special Olympics, and watching hockey games. 

Wendy Michal Staffjpg


Wendy joined us in January of 2017, and we are so happy to have her warm and friendly spirit as part of the Cindy and Vic’s family! Wendy was born in Queens, New York, as the first generation of a family who immigrated from Mexico. Wendy married her high school sweetheart, and they headed from Kansas to Alaska in search of adventure! 

Wendy was a hairdresser for 12 years and says, “I helped people feel good about themselves on the outside and I believe I got into DSP work to help people on the insde!” Wendy has lots of love to share with her 5 godchildren and 3 “fur babies,” and she and her husband also foster dogs and raise chickens. Wendy’s hobbies include yoga, gardening, and bellydancing… when she’s not busy with her cute menagerie!  

Sue Staffjpg
Sue Carlson
​​I started working at Cindy and Vic’s in February of 2019. I was born, raised, graduated from college, married the love of my life, and raised three awesome kids in Minnesota.

My husband and I owned and operated a portrait photography studio for 20 years. When our first grandchild was born in Anchorage in 2013, we knew we couldn’t be so far away. We walked away from our business, sold almost everything we owned and began a new adventure in Alaska. Now we have two precious granddaughters here and they are my joy!

Another joy of mine is flower gardening. I feel so blessed to work at Cindy and Vic’s. I have worked in the human services field in the past, but have never worked alongside staff the caliber of those I work with here. I am honored to work with these wonderful individuals who mentor me, and lift me up, every day. However, it’s the people we serve who truly bless me, even on the tough days when things don’t go quite as I planned. The following quote sums up how I feel about the work I do here at Cindy and Vic’s:
“Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another.”
George Eliot

Jerry Staffjpg

Jerry Moore

Jerry has been part of the Cindy and Vic’s team since 2012, and in that time, he has made himself indispensable! Jerry uses his skills as an educator and a long-term IDD services provider to provide compassionate and skilled supports to our participants – all with an undeniable sense of FUN!

Jerry also has some serious DJ skillz that he shares with us at our special event parties. The party atmosphere just wouldn’t be the same without DJ Jerry! In the words of a teammate, “Jerry is a highly valued member of the C&V team. And that’s an understatement!” Jerry, thank you for sharing your fun-loving and caring personality with our Group Day Hab program and as a weekend relief staff person in our homes. You always bring a smile and a sense of calm and consistency, with great ideas for special adventures and personalized activities. We think you rock!!!

Let's not forget our loyal 4-legged Volunteers!

Staff Recognition