We provide services to eligible adults experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities within the Alaska Medicaid Waiver system.  Our services are person-centered and individualized based on the needs and goals of each participant.



Day Habilitation

 Recipients of Day Habilitation services receive guidance and support in:
· friendship development
· social skills building
· independent living skills
· community safety skills
· health and nutrition
· recreation and leisure
· volunteer service in the community
· self advocacy

Community-Based Group Day Habilitation

Our Day Habilitation program is small group and community based, focused on connecting adults who experience disabilities (ages 18+) through developing peer relationships.

We recognize, respect and encourage all of our participants to be active members of their community. We promote personal choice making and honor each person as an individual with specific needs and desires.  

Individual Day Habilitation

One-on-One Day Habilitation is available for community goal work outside of a group setting.  

Residential Habilitation

Recipients of Residential Habilitation services receive guidance and ​support in:
· cooking, home care, budgeting
· hygiene and grooming
· health and nutrition
· community safety
· socialization and social skills
· healthy relationships
· transportation planning
· appointment scheduling

​Group Homes

Our Group Home staff provide supervision and monitoring to support and maximize independent functioning and personal choice making. 

We focus on building relationships, empowering people to use their voices to help promote a stronger sense of self-advocacy. 

We provide a warm, safe, positive environment that allows our residents to feel loved and be an active part of their home and community.

​In-­Home Supports & Supported Living

We provide In-Home Supports (through age 17) and Supported Living service (18 and over) for clients who live in their family homes.

We teach independent living skills to prepare them for the next steps in adult living, which could include transitioning into Group Home or Family Habilitation living arrangements.

What makes our program different?

  • We specialize in bringing FUN to the often difficult process of building skills and increasing independence!  

Are you or a loved one interested in our services?

  • If you have a Waiver, talk to your Care Coordinator! He or she can help you to create or modify a Plan of Care to best meet your needs and reach your goals. We recommend a visit to our program prior to adding new services, so please contact us to arrange a time to drop by.

  • If you do not have a Waiver, contact your local Developmental Disability Resource Connection (DDRC) to learn more and determine your eligibility for services.  Click here for more information about the Alaska Medicaid Waiver System and here to access the DDRC at Stone Soup Group.